Florida Beach Elopement Wedding Packages


Not everyone wants an over-the-top wedding or wants to spend a year or more planning the tiniest of details for their nuptials. When you factor in family strife, exchanging vows with a hundred or more people watching, and having to deal with everything a big wedding involves, it's no wonder many people start thinking about Florida beach elopements.

Florida beach elopements are all about you and your intended – no one else matters! You don't have to take Great-Aunt Betty's opinions into consideration, you don't have to invite Crazy Uncle Bob, and you don't have to foot the bill for an extravagant wedding when you would much rather use the money for something else.

Florida beach elopements are easy!

There is no waiting period for marriage for non-Florida residents. For Florida residents either a 3-day waiting period or a 4-hour marital counseling session is required.

No blood test required for out of state couples.

Minimal planning - don't worry about attendants, a band, liquor, guest favors, etc.

Skip the reception and have a celebration dinner when you get back home.

Save money (the average cost of a traditional wedding is typically more than $25,000!), plus with Florida beach elopements, you are on your honeymoon the second you say "I do"!

Sugar Beach Weddings specializes in all styles and types of weddings, but some of our favorites have been the Florida beach elopements we have arranged. Once, we had a bride who was trying to plan a big wedding back in her hometown - she was so stressed out that the whole wedding was becoming a chore and was definitely NOT romantic.  She called us and we helped her put together a Destin, FL beach wedding for just the two of them: we had a caterer come and cook just for them, we set up a small table so they could eat right on the beach after the ceremony, arranged for a violinist to come and play the entire time, and their night was just perfect!  They had a big reception back home and showed the wedding photos at the party. The bride emailed after she got back to say how happy she was that Sugar Beach Weddings had arranged such a perfect Destin, FL wedding for them.

As you can see, these intimate, quietly beautiful ceremonies are fun, stress-free, and give you the chance to do things your way. Speak your vows while being serenaded by the gentle surf in the background; dress "up" in a wedding gown or dress "down" in a bikini or sarong; exchange your first kiss as husband and wife in the warmth of the sun with gentle breezes caressing your skin.

Florida beach elopements are also perfect for those who have already been married before. If you've been there and done that, eloping to the beach becomes just about the two of you and gives you the intimacy that was probably lacking in your prior ceremony.

We turn Florida beach elopements into magical dreams-come-true! For more information, call the expert wedding planner at Sugar Beach Weddings at 850-650-1515 or email us today.