Why Are Beach Weddings So Popular


Beach weddings in Florida are popular

Well, there are 5 great reasons why beach weddings are so popular, especially here in Florida!

  1. They are easy for the couple - Beach weddings require less decisions for the bride and groom which makes them easier to plan and of course, takes less time.
  2. They offer beautiful settings - The backdrop of a white sandy beach and emerald green water is a beautiful setting during the wedding.
  3. Gorgeous photos - For more dramatic photos, you can schedule a sunrise or sunset wedding.
  4. Ease into your honeymoon - Your wedding AND honeymoon can be at the same beach saving you money and time.
  5. Affordable - Of course, the cost! Beach wedding packages are one of THE most affordable available.

Simple and Easy For The Couple

All the Bride has to do is choose a beach wedding package and pick out her colors and a few other details and that really is all there is to do.

It really works out well because a lot of brides and grooms are very busy and they don’t have the time to plan a traditional wedding. I've found that they really appreciate being able to put together a spectacular wedding event that does not require a lot of planning.

Beautiful Settings

Another reason beach weddings are so popular is because there is nothing more beautiful than a bride in her long white wedding gown kissing the groom on a sandy beach with beautiful emerald green water as the backdrop for all of the wedding photos.

Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Florida sunset beach weddings

Some of the most beautiful photos that we have ever seen have been right at sunset. That is what the photographers refer to as the golden hour because it has the most perfect lighting and the photos of the brides are absolutely amazing. They really are so romantic, beautiful, and the skin just glows from the sun in the background.

The only way that you are able to capture this kind of lighting is on the beach.

Now some of the brides do want their wedding early in the morning and that is also another wonderful time to be on the beach to do a wedding and capture some of the most amazing photos.

It’s very peaceful in the morning on the beach and the waves are very low which makes it a great time to do a wedding ceremony because you can hear the music and the Minister speaking very well.

You know when you think about it, getting married on the beach really is the best way to create a gorgeous and memorable event not only for yourselves but for your guests as well.

Ease Into Your Honeymoon

Because you’ve already traveled to do the wedding - you don’t have to travel anywhere else to enjoy your honeymoon!

You simply go back to your Beachhouse, hotel, or condo and immediately start the honeymoon!

No jetlag or exhaustion to deal with because you’re already there. Now you can enjoy your time together on the beautiful beaches of the emerald coast.

Very Affordable Wedding Packages

Another plus of having a beach wedding is the cost.

Beach weddings are so affordable for all that you get. Your wedding package comes with everything that you need so the price point cannot be beat.

It’s very expensive if you have to rent a place for the wedding and then a venue for your reception and you add in all the other extras and plus all the planning that you have to go through to set up all the vendors that you need for your wedding. It only makes sense that a beach wedding is the best way to go when deciding on what type of wedding that you are going to do.

We have had many brides that have called to reserve a beach wedding because they started the planning of a wedding in their hometown only to realize how very expensive and frustrating it became. They decided a beach wedding was a better way to go and of course we totally agree!

So for all the reasons that I have listed above that is why beach weddings are so very popular.

We also think that they will continue to be that way in the future because of how absolutely wonderful and amazing and exciting a beach wedding is to have for your wedding day.

Let us help you plan the perfect Destin, FL beach wedding! If you have questions about beach weddings call Sugar Beach Weddings at 850-650-1515 or email us today.

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