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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida is a popular place for affordable beach weddings in Florida. The region boasts endless sugar-sand beaches and emerald-green waters, which is where the nickname of the Emerald Coast comes from. The area's beaches are so beautifully white because they are formed of quartz particles that have washed down from the Appalachian Mountains. In fact, the area's gorgeous beaches are the main reason couples research beach weddings in Florida packages for their nuptials!

Ryan and Meghan married in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl
We got married in Santa Rosa Beach in Florida. The Wedding was so much fun and yet still very romantic on the beach. Our wedding company Sugar Beach Weddings took care of all of our planning including our wonderful reception that took place over on the Solaris Cruise Boat which is located in Baytowne Wharf in Santa Rosa Beach. The food is all made on board the boat and it was so good. We will cherish our wedding day memories forever!

The Emerald Coast is a trendy destination for couples getting married or renewing their vows. Thousands of couples find that Santa Rosa Beach gives them a dream-come-true ceremony by the sea: there couldn't be a more romantic setting than being married at the shoreline with a backdrop of gentle surf, dazzling white beaches, and tropical sunsets. And, one of the nicest things about being married in the area through beach wedding in Florida packages is that you can choose from the region's most beautiful beaches and parks for your wedding and then stay for your honeymoon. It's one-stop shopping at its best!

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If you have been exploring Santa Rosa Beach and want to honeymoon in the area, you'll be glad to know this wedding destination enjoys mild weather and warm water temperatures. There is plenty to do in Santa Rosa Beach both before and after your wedding: fish on a boat from the area's charter fishing fleet, shop at upscale boutiques and designer outlet malls, or dine in award-winning restaurants. The area and its wonderful beaches can truly make your fairytale wedding dreams come true!

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