Beach Wedding Photos

Photos are one of the most important things to include in your Destin, FL area beach wedding ceremony! Pictures of the happy couple can be taken by a professional photographer or you can keep it simple by having family and friends capture your nuptials. To help you get ideas, we have put together a list of the important (and fun) poses that should be included in your wedding photo collection.

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Wedding Photo Poses

While there are many wedding pictures you can take, some "classic" poses need to be included:

Pictures of the Bride

There should be several images of the bride alone, take both full length pictures of her in her gown and veil and get close up shots of just her face or of her face framed by her veil. Additionally, pictures of the bride silhouetted against the setting sun are beautiful!

Bride and Groom Together:

Obviously, there should be the usual images of the bride and groom hugging or kissing, but you can have some fun with the poses, too. We have seen stunning beach wedding photos of the newlyweds with the sunset glowing behind them - these are very popular shots. Also, you can take playful pictures of the couple standing arm-in-arm or sitting inside a heart drawn in the sand (the bride can be sitting on the groom's lap). Or, have the bride stand inside the sand heart with the groom outside, "drawing" the heart in the sand. Another cute pose is to have the wedding couple stand in the surf kissing, with the bride holding her dress up above the water line and the groom holding his pants legs up. How about a picture of the newlyweds wearing sunglasses or a photo of their bare feet (show part of her dress hem and his pants in the image) or a picture of them walking away from the camera, barefoot and holding hands while gazing into each other's eyes… Or lying head to head on the sand… Or a photo of the groom carrying the bride piggyback with the couple laughing… You get the idea!

Bridal Party:

You can get some great photos of the wedding party standing on the sand with the surf behind them. To help colors "pop" against the ocean background, have the wedding party stand boy-girl-boy-girl, etc, with the newlyweds in the center. We've seen cute shots of the whole group “jumping for joy” or running down the beach, and fun shots of the wedding party standing in the surf while holding their dress hems and pants legs above the water.

Unusual Poses:

Have the bride and groom pose in a boat or kayak. If the beach area has a pier, the wedding party can pose on it (how about a photo of everyone dangling their legs over the side?) or they can spread out on the sand if the beach area has dunes.

Children's Poses:

Photograph the ring bearer and flower girl making sandcastles or blowing bubbles or carrying pinwheels that spin in the breeze.

Play with the poses and have fun taking pictures of the wedding couple and their attendants! And, remember to include shots of the family and friends who attended the wedding. Also, don't be afraid to take both elegant pictures and quirky, but unique beach wedding photos – each one you capture adds to the memory of the bridal couple's romantic day.

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