Florida Beach Wedding Decorating Ideas


Because beach weddings are more casual than traditional church weddings, you can do some really unique things with decorations, food, and themes to make your wedding one to remember. Sugar Beach Weddings has created thousands of weddings over the past decade and has seen everything from black-tie weddings to simple ceremonies full of love and fairy-tale romance. Hopefully, these beach wedding ideas will give you some inspiration!

1) Use natural objects such as driftwood, palm fronds, ferns, and shells for wedding decorations. Partially fill glass vases or bowls with beautiful shells.

2) One of the cutest beach wedding ideas is to use a beautiful shell instead of a ring pillow to hold your rings. Scallop shells can be found at seaside tourist stores and are concave so the rings won't fall out. Glue ribbon to the inside of the shells and tie the rings to the ribbon. If you use a conch shell, fill the inside with tissue paper so the rings don't fall to the bottom of the shell or you can glue in a ribbon and tie the rings to it.

3) Provide mini bottles of sunscreen or tubes of lip balm as favors for your guests. They can be personalized with your choice of colors and with your names and wedding date.

4) One of the nicest beach wedding ideas is to have a tub or two of cold water available for your guests at your Destin, FL ceremony. Seaside weddings are often held during hot and humid months and having water nearby helps your guests (and you!) stay cool.

5) Get flip flops in different sizes for the comfort of your guests. Keep them in a basket or tub and stash them at the entrance to your ceremony – no worries about breaking a heel in the sand or sand in their shoes! Flip flops can be personalized with your names on the straps or you can glue a rhinestone to the strap for some wedding bling.

6) Line your wedding aisle with big starfish stuck in the sand or tie raffia to the chairs along the aisle and attach starfish to the raffia.

7) Beach wedding ideas for place cards at the table: write the guest's name on a sand dollar or purchase seashell place card holders and write the guest's name on a card that sits in the seashell. Also, you could name the tables after shells and seat guests at the “Scallop” table or the “Starfish” table.

8) One of the most unique beach wedding ideas we have done here at Sugar Beach Weddings was to have pineapple centerpieces that were given to guests at the end of the reception! Each guest was given a raffle-type ticket when they picked up their table place card. The tables were decorated with palm frond greenery and pineapples with cut flowers sprinkled around them. At intervals throughout the reception, raffle ticket numbers were drawn and the winner got to keep one of the pineapples on the table: this way the pineapples weren't wasted and the guests were included in the Destin, FL wedding in a special way. This could be done with any type of centerpiece!

9) Having a beach reception after your seaside ceremony? Provide plastic pails with beach toys to keep the kids occupied!

10) Beach wedding ideas should always include ways to ensure the comfort of your guests. If your reception is going to be held someplace other than the beach where your ceremony will take place, it would be thoughtful to provide a basket with small towels so barefoot guests can wipe the sand off their feet before putting their shoes back on.

Let our expert wedding planner help you come up with your own great beach wedding ideas! Call Sugar Beach Weddings at 850-650-1515 or email us today.