Beach Wedding Makeup Tips


The beach goes through a whole range of weather conditions that are out of your control as a bride. If you were having an indoor wedding, temperatures and sunshine wouldn't be a factor – you could just have a makeup artist get you ready for your walk down the aisle and forget about everything else. However, getting married at the beach means you have to take lighting and weather into consideration when you are planning your beach wedding makeup.

Your wedding day could be range anywhere from breezy and warm to humid (so, slightly damp!) to partly cloudy to full sunshine to downright hot. That means you have to be ready with makeup that will be beautiful but will also hold up under varying conditions.

Nine Tips for Beach Wedding Makeup

1. Use waterproof makeup for everything! You don't want to cry tears of joy and have to worry about your mascara running. You also don't want to worry about your blush or foundation disappearing if you are perspiring.

2. Keep everything except eye makeup in a matte finish to avoid looking shiny in the bright sunshine at the beach.

3. Use a sheer or lightweight foundation or use only concealer. Set it with a little bit of lightweight powder to even out your skin tone. Bright sunshine can make heavy makeup look unflattering in photos.

4. Think of the beach color tones and go with a blush or bronzer in a pink or peach (in a matte finish). For eyes, keep with the seaside theme and use green, blue, or lavender eye shadow. For lips, a light, natural look or a light pink always works at the beach, although corals, reds, and purples look great for a more formal beach wedding or a sunset ceremony or vow renewal.

5. Go easy on the eyeliner, especially if it is black. Black eyeliner that is too thick looks heavy and out of place on the beach.

6. Eyes that are brightened with a pale but slightly shimmery eye shadow look gorgeous on the beach! Line the bottom lid of your eyes with a similar color of eyeliner to make them stand out even more.

7. Hold off on using lip gloss until after the photos have been taken, especially if the day is sunny. Lip gloss will make your lips shiny and will reflect the sun, washing out the lip color underneath.

8. Bring extra powder, lipstick, and blush along with you so you can touch up if needed and will look radiant on your wedding photos.

9. If you want a new “look”, try it out well before the wedding. That way, if you don't like it, you aren't stuck with it on your special day. Also, have any tweezing, waxing, threading, etc done a couple of days prior to your ceremony so your skin has time to heal from any irritation.

We hope these tips will help you to make your wedding day on the beach as amazing as it should be. If you are planning a Florida beach wedding, please call us at Sugar Beach Weddings today. We can help you!