Elegant Beach Wedding Ideas


Getting married on the beach doesn't necessarily mean barefoot and shorts. You CAN make your beach wedding elegant and sophisticated and get the added bonus of the amazing and beautiful natural background. Here are just some of the ideas that we've given to our brides to help them make their weddings exquisite and refined.

ACCESSORIES: Having just the right accessories in the bride's and the wedding party's attireelegant wedding accessories can set the mood for the entire wedding. So, for a refined touch, considere adding some sparkle to the wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses and even the groom and groomsmen. For the women in the party it could be as simple as a bracelet, a hair piece, or some gem stones on the dresses. For the men in the party you could add some bling on belt buckles, tie pins or even lapel pins. Get creative and put some glow and shimmer on. Make sure though not to overdo it, remember, if you're getting married in the daytime you don't want the reflection from the sun to interfere with your wedding photos. Glint and glitz is great but not when it interferes with your wedding photographer!

WEDDING DECORATIONS: A beachside wedding can include fine china, beautiful stemware elegant wedding decorationsand all the refined and elegant wedding decorations that are used in any other location. It just takes a little more preparation and planning. (That's where we can help you!). Decorate a wedding arbor with beautiful flowers and flowing baby's breath and ribbons. Use the glass stemware for you and your guests to toast and celebrate the event. Don't forget white linen tablecloths, hurricane candles, coordinating colours with chair ribbons, napkins, etc. Table centerpieces can range from beautiful potted flowers to seashells inside large glasses or glass containers. Name plates can be written on elegant paper anchored with beautiful stones or crystals or you can even use seashells that are then adorned with some sparkle and glitz. If it's an evening wedding you can certainly use lighting in the form of candles and soft electric lights to create a beautiful and glowing setting. So many ideas come to mind so play around with what will work for you.

FLOWERS:The flowers for an elegant beach wedding should not only reflect the colours and elegant beach wedding flowers personal taste of the bride and groom, but they should also convey that feeling of luxury. Roses and orchids are most often used and in Florida many brides will also use Bouganvilla which is extremely beautiful, tropical and colourful. The flowers can extend to the table settings, the guests' seats and the wedding arbor but of course they can also be used as name plates, to outline the wedding walkway or any other area and they can be used as decor throughout the setting. If you talk to your wedding cake baker they may also be able to incorporate your flowers into your wedding cake.

MUSIC: Nothing says "elegant" more than beautiful classical music. Whether you choose to simply play the music from a stereo or hire a violinist or (as some of our brides do) hire a simple 3 piece "orchestra". The sound of a Cello and violins in the background, throughout the wedding, will set the tone for you and your guests. Take some time before the wedding to choose some of your favourite classical pieces. Don't forget to look outside the old classics. There are some beautiful new pieces created by today's artists such as Enya. Movie soundtracks can also be extremely sophisticated and elegant.

I hope that I've given you some ideas to think about. If even these ideas sound like more than you want to take on, you can make an elegant beach wedding even easier with Sugar Beach Weddings! But book early, because beach wedding days and locations fill up fast. For more, call Sugar Beach Weddings at 850-650-1515 or email us today.