How to Dress for a Beach Wedding in Florida


Beach weddings, elopements, and wedding vow renewals can be as formal or as casual as the wedding couple would like, but there are certain "do's and don'ts" for deciding how to dress for a beach wedding. After all - the breezes, the sand, the time of the year, and even the time of the wedding can all make a difference in what you wear.

what to wear at a beach wedding

Tips For The Bride

1) One of the biggest things to remember when planning how to dress for a beach wedding in Destin, FL is to dress for comfort!

2) Wear flat shoes that will support you as you walk across the sand. Steer clear of shoes with heels: they will sink into the sand and may cause you to trip. Think of beautiful ballet flats, sandals with a very low (or no) heel, or wedding-style flip-flops. Also, remember that the sand can be hot during the day – going barefoot is best if the ceremony will be at sunset.

3) Check with your local bridal shop: many carry dresses specifically designed for beach weddings. At Sugar Beach Weddings, however, we have found that the brides still want to wear the big traditional wedding dress and, honestly, it does look great on the beach, even when it drags in the sand!

4) Think about the time of the ceremony when planning how to dress for a beach wedding: if it is first thing in the morning or a sunset wedding, the breezes can be cool and you will probably want to bring an elegant wrap along, especially if your shoulders will be bare or your dress is strapless. If the ceremony is during the day, a light wrap will protect your shoulders from sunburn.

5) Talk to your hair stylist about a simple style that will hold up under potentially breezy conditions. Have the stylist use more hairspray and extra pins if you are planning to wear an updo.

6) Veils are often not practical for a beach wedding because of the breezes. Consider wearing a tiara or a garland of flowers in your hair.

7) Wear sunscreen!

Tips For The Groom

1) When thinking about how to dress for a beach wedding, the guys still keep it very simple with just a white shirt and khaki or black pants.  Once we put up the bamboo arbor with all the flowers and draping, it goes perfectly with the bride's fancy dress.

2) Tie or no tie? Either way is acceptable for a Destin, FL beach wedding…be sure to get your bride's opinion, though!

3) Wear comfortable shoes or sandals for walking on the beach. Nice flip flops will keep you cool and will protect your feet from the hot sand. You can even go barefoot if your ceremony will be closer to sunset when the sand is cooler.

4) Wear sunscreen!

Tips For Female Guests

1) When planning on how to dress for a beach wedding, the motto is comfort!

2) Wear light-colored dresses or skirts and blouses that will keep you cool on a humid day, yet will cover your shoulders and protect you from sunburn. Linen pants will also keep you cool and you won't have to worry about the breeze blowing your skirt or dress up.

3) Ballet flats, sandals without a heel, or dressy flip flops work best on the beach. They will protect your feet from the hot sand during the day and you won't have to worry about them if you are close enough to the water to get them wet. Shoes with a heel will get stuck in the sand, so avoid them!

4) Bring a shawl or a jacket to protect you from the sun and keep you warm if the water off the ocean is too cool.

5) Beaches can be breezy: Sugar Beach Weddings suggests keeping your hair style casual or reinforce an updo with extra hairspray and pins.

6) Wear sunscreen!

Tips For Male Guests

1) Dress for comfort – a polo shirt or button-down shirt is best, with a sport coat for an evening wedding.

2) Wear flat shoes that will be comfortable on sand and won't get ruined if they get wet.

3) Beach weddings are casual, so you probably don't need a tie, but, if you choose to wear one, use a tie clip or tie tack to hold it in place in the ocean breeze.

4) Wear sunscreen!

Before you decide on how to dress for a beach wedding, you have to plan one! To reach our exceptional wedding planner, call Sugar Beach Weddings at 850-650-1515 or email us today.