Tropical Beach Weddings In Florida


Seaside weddings and wedding vow renewals are all about comfort and romance! It's hard to imagine another venue that could be more spectacular: gentle emerald-green waves in the background, warm breezes caressing your skin, the feel of the sand under your feet, and the warmth of the sun kissing your face as you stand with your groom and join your lives together.

Because a tropical beach wedding in Florida is meant to be comfortable, you have the freedom to do what you want to make your wedding day memorable! Maybe you want to be serious and formal in an all-white gown or perhaps you'll be playful and go barefoot while wearing a white sarong? Maybe you've thought about taking a fun, mischievous theme like a pirate wedding and seeing how you can make it unique? Or, maybe you're inspired by the most romantic sunsets on earth and would like to be married just as the sun dips below the horizon? Well, the best part about a tropical beach wedding in Florida is that you can do anything you want to do! After all, it's your big day!

Planning for a Tropical Beach Wedding in Florida

1) Book early! Our most popular months to have a tropical beach wedding in Florida are May, June, September, and October.

2) The most popular times to hold a wedding ceremony is at sunset on a Friday or Saturday.

3) The beaches and parks in Florida and Alabama are public, so we can not block them off for your wedding. This means people other than your wedding guests may be watching your ceremony! Sugar Beach Weddings knows intimate, secluded locations where you will be less likely to have onlookers, but these special spots go fast so book early!

4) Don't forget your sunscreen! In fact, you can purchase mini bottles of sunscreen as favors and have them personalized with your colors, names, and wedding date. Put them in a decorated bucket at the entrance to your wedding area for your guests comfort.

5) It's generally breezy during a tropical beach wedding in Florida - keep this in mind when planning for your hairstyle, your dress, your decorations, and your reception.

6) Consider bright colors for your attendants, flowers, and decorations - they provide a pop of color against the blues, greens, and whites of the ocean and liven up your photos.

7) Keep your cake cool and shaded, plus skip butter cream frosting (it melts). Rethink having anything chocolate (favors, gift bags, etc) for the same reason - it melts…quickly.

8) Stay hydrated - provide a tub or two of cold water for your guests at the ceremony. A tropical beach wedding in Florida is often held during hot and humid months and having water nearby helps everyone stay cool.

9) Prepare your guests for your tropical beach wedding in Florida! It sounds silly, but some guests won't understand that they need to dress casually, bring sunscreen, or leave the stilettos at home if they expect to walk on the sand. Include a list of tips with your invitation so guests will be as comfortable as you are on your big day.

Let us help you plan the perfect tropical beach wedding in Florida! Call Sugar Beach Weddings at 850-650-1515 or email us today.