Welcome Bag Ideas For Your Beach Wedding


Your wedding day can be hectic, even with the utmost attention to every detail, there will be little time for the bride and groom to meet each individual guest so a great way to do that is with welcome bags or baskets. You can individualize each one but we do have some ideas for you.

1) A letter (especially a personalized one) will be greatly appreciated by your guest. Of course you will want to thank them for coming, you will want to let them know how excited you are for this wonderful event.

2) Have a list of contacts (i.e. family members, wedding attendants, wedding planner, etc.) You can include cell phone numbers, hotel room numbers, etc.

3) Since your wedding will be on the beach you can get creative and put all your welcome bag items in a beach bag or other beach related item.

4) Include disposable cameras so your guests can take pictures not only of the wedding iteself but "selfies" to show you the background events that you may not get to see as you prepare for your beautiful beach wedding.

5) Include beach items such as suntan lotion, beach towel, snacks, etc. They may not necessarily use these items at your wedding but they are certainly wonderful gifts for your guests.

6) A cd filled with your favourite music (or music that will be played at your wedding).

7) If your guests will be staying the night some information about local restaurants, night spots, where to have breakfast, etc. would be wonderful.

8) Of course you'll want to give your guests a list of the events, times and locations for all the wedding events.

9) Small bottles of champagne are a wonderful way for your guests to begin celebrating your special day. Of course, you can also add some aspirin and water (just in case they indulge a bit too much on the liquor!).

10) Any mementos that you would like to give to your guests can be included in their welcome bag.