Why Have A Beach Wedding


Weddings and wedding vow renewal ceremonies held oceanside are growing in popularity simply because beach weddings can range from casual to elegant, they are romantic, fun and exciting. After all, just thinking about gentle breezes and emerald waters makes you want to kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy yourself!

Our wedding planner has put together a list of her top nine reasons of why you should consider a beach wedding. There are many more, but these will get you started. And, after you've spent a few minutes dreaming about how beautiful a Florida beach wedding could be, call our expert wedding planner at 850-650-1515. She can turn your event into a fairytale wedding-by-the-sea!

Our Top 9 Reasons On Why You Should Have A Beach Wedding

1. What could be easier than a beach wedding? There are few "rules" to worry about and being in a less-than-traditional venue means you aren't bound to conventional wedding etiquette - you can make your wedding truly your own!

2. Why have a beach wedding? Imagine the beautiful photos! You'll have endless white sand beaches, tropical plants and flowers, and miles of emerald-green seas to pose by, which means more unique photos than you can dream of.

3. Your wedding will be distinctive! You can play with your theme (pirates, anyone?), your decorations, your flowers - just about anything! This ensures that your nuptials will be very different than your friend's and family's weddings.

4. Why have a beach wedding? They can provide you with a great way to get married on a budget: because beach weddings are usually more of a “destination” wedding, you'll save tons of money on the honeymoon.

5. Stressed over the guest list? Beach weddings also give you an excuse to limit your event to only the people who mean the most to you and your future spouse!

6. Since beach weddings are usually very relaxed affairs, they can be done very simply as opposed to a traditional wedding. That means you don't need as many flowers, an elaborate wedding gown, or an over-the-top reception (although the beach is still a perfect setting for any of the above!)

7. As a destination-style wedding, you'll have more time with the friends and family members who make the trip to your nuptials. Instead of racing off to your honeymoon, when you have a beach wedding, you are already there!

8. Your guests will have fun! They can kick off their shoes, relax, and enjoy your wedding without worrying about having to be as formal as they would at a traditional wedding.

9. Why have a beach wedding? They are definitely less stress and hassle when you let Sugar Beach Wedding's expert wedding planner take care of the details. We'll set up and clean up, provide flowers, a minister, a photographer, decorations, and even a unique sand unity ceremony. All you need to do is show up!

Ready to Start Planning Your Wedding by the Sea?

Why have a beach wedding? Why not?! But book early, because beach wedding days and locations fill up fast. For more information or to reserve your tropical beach wedding date, call Sugar Beach Weddings at 850-650-1515 or email us today.